Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm thankful for Roy

Happy American Thanksgiving, y'all! We've decided on a name for the little one....da da da...wait for it....Roy!
Lil' Roy has made us very happy and we're thankful for him. I'm not thankful, however, for the biting, chewing, whining, high-pitched barking...etc, etc.
We went to a Thanksgiving feast/bonfire last night and brought Roy. He was a big hit. He did really well in a 16x20-foot cabin that had 23 people in it at one point. It was packed. He wandered around and fell asleep under a shelf. Tonight we're going to another dinner feast and will bring Roy and Bully. Our goal these days is to tire out the pup so he'll sleep well and will leave old Ruffles alone. She absolutely hates him but he loves her. And by loves I mean harasses her at every turn. Hitchcock has become Roy's new buddy. Hitchcock has boundless energy (I'm serious, I've never seen anything like it) and so we let Hitchcock loose and Roy outside and they chase each other for ever. I'm pretty sure it doesn't tire either one, but it gets us a little closer. My neck is killing me from sleeping on the couch with Roy. Sam and I are still taking turns with the nightly routine. Yesterday he started to bark at the door when he had to go pee or poo which I think is pretty amazing for such a young dog. Anyway, I have food to make for the party so happy turkey day!
Roy sleeps hard.

A very telling picture. Bully actually tolerated him until Roy bit Bully's wang pretty hard. Bull pretty much ignores him now.

A creepy mascot at the basketball tournament. I hate the yetti.

Funny signs that Adam kindly pointed out to me.


Brown Eyed Girl said...

Oh my gosh, Roy is so freaking adorable! Mikey used to sleep the same way when he was a wee thing, belly up in the air and stretched to the max on the couch. Sounds like he's found a GREAT home with you guys!

Mrs. H.

Theresa said...

Yeah, he's a cutie. Especially when he's getting his paws stepped on. Happy Turkey Day. May you be full enough to feel it, but not too full to sleep.