Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Life with a hairy, nine-pound dictator

The puppy won't stop crying. I'm serious. I've tried everything short of duck-taping his stupid puppy yap shut. He's lucky he's so cute and pathetic. He still doesn't have a name although we're leaning toward Chance. Every time we put him in his homemade puppy pen so we can, you know, go out and have a life, he escapes. He doesn't go anywhere. Twice now I've come home and he's been snuggled up in Hitchcock's house. I'd like to name him something Finnish like Kulta or Karhu (those are Finnish beers) or Kiitos (thank-you in Finnish) or Niilo (a dog I had in Finland)...but Sam's not buying it. This morning I started calling him Butters. Maybe I'll call him 'Shut the hell up!'
God I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

1. Go to Fred Meyer's, buy a windup alarm clock and put it with him when he sleeps.

2. Buy a used baby carrier and snuggle him in - take him with you on a short dog run.

He's still confused,lonely and in need of lots of TLC. You don't know what he is remembering from his young (abandoned) life before the woods.

AKbushbaby said...

Um, I guess I forget mention something: he's a dog. I kid. But seriously, I know he needs love and snuggles and we've been giving him lots. Today after the run, I had him loose with the dogs and he liked that. I'm just tired. We get up with him about every two hours to take him out to pee and poo and so far there have only been two accidents. Pretty good. I might try the alarm clock but so far I've had him close to my own heart when he sleeps.

P said...

Well, don't let him sleep in your bed ;) You'll never get him out! He'll be 18 and he'll *still* be sleeping in there! You'll never have sex again!

Haha, I know it's not a kid. What a cute little puppy!

Someone recognized me today (again! lol), this time it was a dude from the NM. I only remember last names (from dvd rentals, natch) so I won't "say" it online. He complimented your writing though. :)

Anonymous said...

i hope you figure it out. with all the help from these fine people. you're nice people. thanks for giving this lost soul some advice.