Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Watch for bumps in the road

Well, tomorrow is it. My quit date. I've got a plan. I've got nicotine gum and nicotine patches are on the way courtesy of the State of Alaska. Today, I'm cleaning out the trucks before I go to work. I'm overwhelmed with all the support. Thank you so much, it means the world to me. Tomorrow morning, instead of sitting on the porch with my coffee and cigs, I'm getting up, having a glass of water, grabbing Gus and going for a walk. Gus is the only dog who will actually walk on a leash without pulling my arm off. Instead he trots ahead and when he feels resistance, he runs back to me and jumps up in my arms. It's super cute the first couple of times, but Gus weighs about 55 pounds, so it gets old fast. But, he's my walking buddy now whether he likes it or not. I'm looking forward to be a nonsmoker. To getting healthier. Sometimes I worry that I'm trying to change too much too fast, but I've made drastic life changes in the past and they've seemed to work out just fine. My quit coach is a nice guy, though I was disappointed to find out he's in Seattle, not Alaska. When I told him I was a dog musher, he asked if I was on the Iditarod trail right now. Uh, yeah, I took time out from the Iditarod to call you, you douche bag. Oh well, he was actually helpful and very nice so I let that one slide.
OK, say hello to Jillian the nonsmoker!
Peace.The aurora were rippin' the other night.


Karen Travels said...

You go girl! You can do it. My dad smoked from 13 to 43 and he quit by eating gumdrops. My roommate started smoking around 14 or 15 and quit when she was 28...she knows about the times she really wants one, but she is still going strong after 3 years.

Good luck! Think strong!

Theresa said...

You can do it. I'm here for you. Call to rant and rave. Chew some gum in my ear. You're fracking tougher than any skinny cigarette. Anyday!

Anonymous said...

Shout it from the mountain tops everyone .....

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Good on ya, mate!

Ummmmm, you aren't giving up coffee too???? That would be, just, like, wrong... especially for an Alaskan, especially for a Squarebanksan, especially for a musher!

Nice aurora shot. That's something I miss.

Carolyn H said...

I didn't give up coffee when I quit smoking, but I think I did avoid it for several days. Good luck! the first week is the toughest. After that it gets a lot easier!

Carolyn H.

dogsled_stacie said...

I have no doubt you can do it, if you can persevere and go through all that challenging stuff on the trail with the dogs (one day for 1,000 miles!) OF COURSE you can quit smoking!! Just think how much easier it will be to run up Eagle Summit with lungs not full of nicotine!

(laughed my arse off at the douche-bag in Seattle comment... hmmm... is that the withdrawal symptoms talking??) :)