Monday, March 30, 2009

Is that something you might be interested in?

Well, Mama Summer and her babes are doing well. They've settled in to a routine of eating...and, well, that's about it. Summer has been eating and drinking. She takes a bite of food and then goes back to the pups, bite of food, back to the pups, etc...
I got all my sponsor booty and will be sending it out after the race. I'm hoping to finish the Taiga 300 by Saturday morning. That's a really conservative schedule, but I don't have delusions in this one. I just want to finish with happy dogs. (I used to hate it when mushers said that in interviews, but it's true.)
So, here's the breakdown:
Sponsors who gave between $1 and $49 get a bumper sticker and a photo card.
Sponsors who gave between $50 and $99 get two bumper stickers, a card and a Spitfire Kennels hat.
Sponsors who gave between $100 and $500 get four bumper stickers, a card, a hat and a T-shirt.
Sponsors who give over $2,000 get a guided three-night trip via dog sled. (Airfare to Alaska not included)
So expect your booty by the end of April.
Also, all of these items including, Spitfire Kennels fleece jacketsand hoodies are for sale. Posters are also for sale upon request.
Today we're getting last minute items for the race and taking the dogs out for a short run.