Monday, March 16, 2009

Sometimes fires don't go out when you're done playing with them

It's windy here. And the chainsaw's broken so I can't cut word. Needless to say, I'm a little chilly. We have propane heat, but don't want to use it because fuel is so expensive. Rich is out for a 60-miler with the race team. We're taking turns doing a long runs with the main team and short runs with the pups.
Remember a few posts ago when I recounted the canine coitis on the trail between Summer and Rohn? Well upon close inspection yesterday it looks like Summer's preggers. She's not very big though, so it makes me think that either a) she's going to have a false pregnancy again or b) she'll only have a couple pups.
I hope it's the latter. We'll name a boy Junior and a girl Ruby. I've wanted a litter since last summer so I hope she pops out at least one.
Not much else to report. I'm counting the hours until we leave for Homer.