Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing...Puppy Watch: Day 63

No pups yet. I thought for sure it was going to happen last night. All night long, Summer would initiate howls followed by moans and a couple of groans. I would hurry down the ladder (hurrying and ladders don't mix, needless to say) and outside to see. But each time, she'd just be sitting outside her house looking at me like 'what?'
I fell asleep on the couch in front of the warm, glowing glow of the propane heater, waiting for the next episode. I had trouble sleeping because her howling was so loud as she's right outside the window by our bed. It sounded like she was right...outside...our...window...nevermind.
So then, a while later, she started the old trying-jam-the-metal-food-dish-in-the-doghouse game. In my mind's eye, Summer's thoughts went something like this:

After about 20 minutes she must have realized that if she turned the dish sideways it would go in. The clanging stopped and the next time I went outside, she was curled up with her food dish. in her dog house.
She wouldn't eat breakfast this morning and she looks really uncomfortable, so those little pups are coming any time now.
I don't necessarily want to be there when she's actually having them, but I do want to be around in case there any complications (ie; if she withholds a pup or tries to eat them).
This summer when Sadie (a Greg Parvin dog) had her pups, Rich would go to check on her and she'd get so excited to see him, she'd burst out of her house to get some pets with a puppy hanging out of her vag. Not good.
We just moved her into the dog barn in a corral with lots of bedding hay and fresh water.
So, here we wait. For babies. I had crazy dreams last night that she delivered a litter of kittens.
God, I hope not.