Friday, March 27, 2009

Puppy Watch: Day 62

The mood is tense; I have been on some serious, serious reports but nothing quite like this. I, uh... Ching... King Summer is inside right now. I tried to get an interview with him her, but they said no, you can't do that he's she’s a live bear dog, he she will literally rip your face off. 'Hey, you're making me look stupid! Get out of here, Panda Husky Jerk.'

Summer has actually been very loving and patient while I poke and prod and snuggle her every day. She's going to pop out these pups any day now. Her vag is really swollen and leaking goo, so I'm pretty sure she's almost there. She's still eating every morsel that's put in front of her and her poop is solid, so it's still probably at least a day or so off, but we'll see. When she stops eating, it's time.

Rich and I have been busy getting ready for the race; packing dry food, cutting meat, etc. Rich also made some white, polyester dog coats for my race. I have the heavy insulated ones too, but if it's warm and sunny, I need to protect the dark dogs from overheating.

I let a few of the race dogs loose this morning to let them stretch out and see how they look. Oh yes, they look good. Nice and happy and strong.

In the team will be seven of my dogs and five of Greg Parvin's dogs. For clarity's sake, I've been calling them Rich's dogs. (Bite my tongue, bite my tongue, bite my tongue.)
Regardless of who owns what dogs, they have been well-trained this season and are healthy and happy.

We're packing for the race, but also packing up all of our worldly possessions to hit the road to Homer and beyond. Homer for the summer for sure, but after that, who knows? Wherever the clever North wind blows us, I suppose.

Here is my Summer-boo in all her prego glory. She has beautiful eyes, coat, gait, appetite and disposition. I can't wait for her babies!