Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kneepads are a girl's best friend...

For putting in a tile floor! Today was a 15-hour day but we got the tile on the floor. More than 400 beautiful slate tiles in 15 hours. It was pretty much non-stop with just a 20 minute break for lunch and supper. Sam played hooky from work today so we could tile together. I really don't know what made me think I could do all myself in one day except that I have really unreasonable expectations when it comes to, well, everything pretty much. Anyway, tomorrow Sam's back to his day job and I will grout our new floor. It's nearly midnight and I'm knackered so again, no witty repartee. The dogs are good. Bully walked through the wet mortar a few times today in an effort to keep us company and Strider got a little rough with Parker and ripped a hole in her cheek. (It was over a few kibbles on the ground) I popped in a few staples and shoved some antibiotics and a few treats down her gullet and she's as happy as ever. Poor little pooch. We'll see if she's ripped out the staples in the morning.
Oh yeah! I told you all about Sam dropping his cell into the bucket of mortar. Well, he rinsed it off and dried it out and thought it was ok, but this morning the phone kinda went bonkers and just phoning random people. I was sitting here drinking coffee at about 7:30 am and all of a sudden I heard voices coming from Sam's work bag. It was pretty funny.
Here are some pics of the new floor including one of Bully's paw print in the mortar.


Anonymous said...

Nice looking floor. All the work will be worth it. Paw

... said...

Yeah that floor looks awesome. Cool that you're almost finished with it though!