Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brittany Spears tackles purse snatcher

So much to tell, so little time. Actually, I'm on holiday, so I've decided the blog will be (kind of) on holiday too. Here are some teaser tidbits to get everyone wondering and pondering what ole Jilly is up to. I saw Brittany Spears catch a thief, I met the most fantastic people ever, I've been to Indiana, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas, I saw some nice homes between all the double-wides, I spoke with a ridiculously-twangy southern drawl and no one batted an eye, I'm staying in a mansion in the hood in KC, the mansion was the scene of a bloody murder many years ago, the mansion belongs to Sam's brother and sister-in-law and also houses 10 cats and four dogs, I stayed in Shell Knob on Quiet Lane and didn't see another soul besides Sam's family for two days, I celebrated Christmas in October, I'm about to go get some Kansas City barbeque....whew...ok, I've photos and hilarious stories a-comin' so hang in there, y'all! Wait, I'm not in Arkansas anymore, I better stop that now.


brittany said...

what!?! you saw britney (note spelling by the way, i've been dealing with this ever since 'oops i did it again) spears catch a thief? do tell.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm 10 cats... you could pull a sled with that! Hope you and sam are stopping by my shop.... Jeff S

Anonymous said...

Jillian! How are you guys? How are the dreads? Shiloh forgot your e-mail address, but we wanted to invite you guys to our wine tasting on Nov. 17. Will you and Sam be around? Let me know your e-mail so I can send an invite. Cheers! Andrew