Saturday, October 20, 2007

Flavoured water is not a treat

Sam and I leave for America tomorrow night. We'll be in Indianapolis for the first week photographing the national FFA convention. More than 50,000 young kids will gather to share their FFA, er, goodness. I'm actually not sure what it's all about. ('This tastes like the cow got into an onion patch.') I just know that I have photo assignments every day for a week and then I get paid. I will scout the kids with blue blazers and shoot the crap out of them. The second week we'll be in Kansas City visiting Sam's family and friends. I'm looking forward to meeting these people that I've heard so much about. I am a little verklempt about going Outside. So much so that I actually considered shaving my legs and underarms just so I, you know, fit in. Naw. I think, on this trip anyway, telling people I live in Alaska gives me carte blanche to be kooky. And hairy.
Anyway, Rich and I took the dogs for a walk today in the five inches of fresh snow we got yesterday.
I'll update from the cities, but I don't know how often. I'm sure there will be lots of funny antics with the farmer kids...maybe not... we'll see.



Sneaky Pete.


I call this one 'Snow on'

Me and my best lead dog Capiche.

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