Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hoisted by my own petard

I've never considered myself a crafty person. Well, ok, maybe crafty in a mildly conniving sort of way, but not crafty in an I-make-crafts sort of way. Until now, that is.
Hanging around with Becky has opened my eyes to a world of cool, crafty projects. She makes clothes and curtains, does coolio bead-work and tiling projects and has taught me a few things. So now, on Wednesday nights, a group of girls get together for craft night, aka stitch-n-bitch. Last week I made a tile-mosaic piece with glass pieces I salvaged from the scrap-glass bin at a stained-glass shop. Earlier this summer, I made two tile tables with broken ceramic tiles and river rocks that I collected from our river trips. Tonight I'm making some peyote-stitch hair wraps for my dreads. I made one a few weeks ago, but would like to try some different designs and Becky is full of good ideas. Instead of buying into the whole spend-money, commercialization of Christmas this year, I'm making gifts. Whether it's a crafty project or a photograph I've taken or homemade smoked salmon, I'm not getting caught up in all the angst, panic, spending, etc of Christmas.

Peyote-stitch hair wrap.
In my hair.

Mosaic tile piece.Mosaic tile tables one with river rocks, one without. I know they're both cracked, but it was my first attempt and the grout was too wet.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...


Too funny! :)

AKbushbaby said...

I wish I could take credit for that one. Actually, maybe I will. Yeah, I made that up...
It's getting chilly here, but perfect weather for running the dogs. I put straw in their houses yesterday and they sure are happy pups!

Theresa said...

Two words. Wa Ow. Seriously. Put your badge on 'cuz it's official. You are one Crafty Biatchee! We must do bagels and coffee at LuLu's soon.

brittany said...

I love the beaded hair wrap... with my luck though, if I ever put one of those in my hair I'd never get it out!

Anonymous said...

hello phoebe petard aka{nasa}
well fairwell in alaska and keep it sticky jew