Friday, October 05, 2007

If I had a nickel, I'd have five cents

I am bursting with pride today. Yesterday I ran the dogs out at Cripple Creek and they were fantastic. But the best part is, I tried Sneaky Pete in lead for the first time and he was amazing. This is only his third time running with the team and, just to see what would happen, I put him up front with Capiche. He didn't even hesitate, he just ran. This young boy is going to be a superstar, I just know it. He's got a great build, hilarious personality, he's smart and loyal, and he trusts me completely. (He does have super-rank gas, however, but I'm overlooking that.) So, when I put him up front, he didn't question it all at, he just went. Amazing. For just a young, inexperienced dog, I was astounded with his gumption. And oh so proud. The rest of the team was super. Hitchcock has the most energy I've ever seen. When the team is trotting along, she's still lunging to go faster. After the run, I let her loose just so could burn off some of those reserves and she still wasn't tired. The rest of the dogs were pretty knackered, but not Hitchcock. Happy is working out well. I ran him in swing and he pulls nicely, though he crabs to the left a little. Strider paced for a while early in the run, but his sister used to do that too, so maybe it's genetic. Bull ran in lead until I put in the Sneaky One but he was pooped anyway, so was happy to get a break. Anyway, I am more excited than ever about the upcoming race season. I haven't run Sally yet as she is still very shy. I think I'm going to give her back to her owner. I can't really have a dog that I can't even get close to. The rest of my dogs are friendly and are good when I let them loose just about anywhere, but Sally just isn't warming up to me. I take time each day to sit near her house, talk to her and try and coax her out, but she's not interested. We'll see.
Anyway, here are some photos that Rich took on yesterday's run.
Hitchcock eager to get going while I hook up the rest of the team.

Hitchcock lunging while the team is heading down the road to the trail.

Part of my new trail is on an old road, which is nice because the dogs can run a little faster.

There is a steep hill that the dogs have mastered beautifully.

Taking a break to canoodle with Gus and Hazel.

Up the hill.

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Hi, greetings from down under. I used to love watching the dog races out on Farmers Loop rd. Seeing your pics and reading your mushing stories brings back lots of memories of good ole squarebanks.

You have great dogs, and I'm looking forward to reading about your upcoming race season.