Thursday, October 11, 2007

She ionizes and atomizes and then turns to sunlight

I bumped up the miles on the ole dog team today. We're doing about seven miles now. Still not much, I know, but they did so well today, the added distance and two steep climbs didn't faze them, so I'll bump them up to 10 miles on Saturday. Rich commented that they looked the best today out of all the runs so far. Hooray! I ran Capiche and Bully in lead out of the yard with the pups, Sneaky Pete and Parker, in swing, then Happy and Hitchcock, then Strider and Sister, and Hazel and Sally in wheel. Hitchcock is a maniac with boundless energy. All the dogs were perfect today. Near the end of the run, just for fun I put both pups in lead to see what would happen. I've run Pete in lead with Capiche before but never just the two pups. I ended up running in front of the team for a while, but as soon as I stopped, the pups turned around. I ended today's training session with Parker and Capiche up front.
We got a little more snow last night and it's stayed below freezing for about a week now. Winter is here and there's no going back. After the run, I let the dogs run loose back here at home before coming into the cabin. It's an almost-euphoric feeling coming in from the cold to a toasty cabin and a crackling fire. The dogs are crashed out in their houses waiting for dinner so I better go.

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