Monday, February 26, 2007

Pizza in Circle...

Whew! Sorry about the delay. I covered the second half of the Yukon Quest and got caught up in all the drama, whoopla etc.
So. Starting last Monday (a week ago today) I did two live radio hits per day with the CBC in Whitehorse. I have covered the race for several years, so getting the info and doing the interviews was cake, but going on live radio to a place where I used to live but kind of ran away from, was very, VERY intimidating. The first two 'hits' didn't go so well. I was so nervous about stuttering or making a mistake that I read my script verbatim and ended up sounding like a robot. But as the days went on, I loosened up and actually began to enjoy it. I realized though, that while I may have a face for radio, I'll stick to print journalism.
Traveling along the Quest trail, though slightly hectic this year because the leaders were moving at a record pace, is always fun, especially with my friend Libby. She works for the public radio station here ( and we always have lots of 'I was so tired that I..." tales from the trail. Libby and I have been on the trail seven times each, six of those together. And it seems whenever we get together we can talk for hours about 'the time that French handler said this,' or when 'the musher showed me that in the bathroom'... I’m kidding.
The only thing missing this year was dear Trisha. Trisha covered the Quest for CBC for two years and could always be counted on for some raucous fun. Whether it was pulling the clerk over the counter by the scruff at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, or just enjoying some meat sticks that were always nice and warm from having been in her pocket for days, Trish is always nice to have around on the trail.
Anyway, now I have the arduous task of writing a 2,000-word article for Mushing Magazine about the entire race. Ten days in 2,000 words and it's due tomorrow. So, for the next 12 or 14 hours, I'll be sitting here, in the kitchen with my laptop and a pot of coffee wearing ratty long johns and a John Deere T-shirt. Ok. Time to focus. Wait. The dogs are barking, I better do see what they’re up to…
Oh yeah! Lance Mackey won and broke the 12-year-old record by nearly 14 hours.
Here are some pics from the trail, mostly so Trish over in Africa can get a little fix.

Above, Libby, right, and Julie hanging out at the finish line. People kept getting them confused on the trail.

John Schandelmeier in Circle putting booties on his dogs.

Michelle Phillips at the finish line giving her dogs a snack.

Sebastian Schnuelle crossing the finish line in eighth spot.

A fan pets Aaron Burmeister's dogs at the finish line.


Anonymous said...

That chick with the really white teeth is kinda cute, in a real bundled up way...can you hook us up?

AKbushbaby said...

Sorry. That 'chick' is spoken for. I have a bitch in heat in the pen that might be more to your liking. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hey--what up? the "chick with the really white teeth" is THE OTHER girl, not me. Does no one want to be hooked up with me? I'm disgusted. Whatever, I am loved too. Maybe it's time for me to whiten my teeth. -l